Can we trust the internet?

May 9, 2010 at 2:34 pm (Uncategorized)

As we all know, the internet has become part of us nowadays. Almost everything we need can be found on the internet and the question is can we trust the internet? Well the internet does bring us lots of entertainment, information and email as well as communication which has revolutionalized communication. Like any other thing, the Net also has a bad side to it, as the net users are increasing. Firstly as more and more people are are realizing on how to use the net, One thing that we do not know is that we are giving out too much information about ourselves on the internet. At first the internet used to be a safe place but now that before doing something or for example signing up for a social network you have to give out your information, Am sure everyone would agree with me that it is not a safe place anymore. As individuals when we go on the net, we often reveal alot of information we may not realize we’re disclosing, but which other net user’s can be able to see. For example sometime’s when you go on the net you find AD’s selling you cosmetics and we wonder why? It is because of the information we put on the net, commercial website’s know if we are male or female. The commercial websites are able to send us these AD’s because of cookies, little text files created on your computer that contain information left there by the websites you visit. So it is your own responsibility weather if you want to feel safe while your using the net or not.

Here are some ways to protect you privacy while on the web
-Firstly block your cookies, use cookie-cutter program to block unwanted cookies.
-Let your provider’s know whenever you use their link on the net, not to sell your name or any other personal information.
-Always be careful and never give out you personal phone number, password or private information to strangers.
-Shield your identity and use anonymous remailer or special for a special website that forwards your e-mail without disclosing your identity.
-Encrypt sensitive e-mail. Encrypt or code sensitive e-mail using special encryption programs.
-Lastly check for web bugs and computer monitoring software. Use spy removal programs to check for web bugs and computer monitoring software.



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  2. farirai said,

    Your artical is an eye opener to may like me who are very passive about issues .Thank you ! cheers

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