Are operating system automatic upadate system software’s dangerous?

May 10, 2010 at 6:31 pm (Uncategorized)

The other question would be what if something goes wrong during the automatic update? Well as we all know the chances of this happening are very slim, for instance if you wanted Windows Genuine Advantage Notification bundled with your monthly and if maybe you did not want Internet Explorer 7 on your laptop or pc, well with automatic update’s you’ll be worrying about most of these things a lot. For example if your update was to get rid of all your information would be one thing and tampering with the user’s personal, priceless, irrecoverable data would be something else. Most of the times user data is often not included in these kinds of backups, especially if it resides on removable devices like USB thumb drives or external hard disks. Yes, Automatic updates are very dangerous- especially if they’re followed by a merciless restart because they can destroy all your precious work, especially if you have files left open when the feces hit the fan. It is a good idea to turn off the automatic updates on your laptop or computer because this they are dangerous especially windows machines. If the security center nags you, you can as well turn off the notifications. And another thing is that it is possible to disable restart after automatic updates, but it requires messing up with group policies, definitely not a task for the average user. Lastly having an automatic update on a regular basis is a good thing, as long as if never comes on a personal data safety. Updates are important but they must never be delivered in a safe, non-intrusive and user-dependent manner because it is the user who controls the machine and its contents. So it is always a good thing to keep it in mind that they are dangerous as well. You might never have experienced the dark side of automatic updates but a day will come when this happens and trust me it is going to hurt a lot. Especially with system-wide updates and security applications like scanner’s of all sorts that have the ability to delete files from the system without user interaction. It is a good idea to control your machine, Perform frequent backups of data and be very careful when leaving your pc unattended especially if it has some sort of self-updating software installed on it. Different people have different views on this topic, so what is you view?


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  1. rachel said,

    they are definately advantages and disadvantages in technology but i think all is good and technology is really making peoples lives easy as well as mine

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