Are operating system automatic update software’s dangerous?

May 10, 2010 at 6:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I am sure many of you out there are wondering if they are or if they are not. The answer would be both yes and no. Firstly no they are not dangerous if you are using one of the newer systems like XP or Vista because they can connect directly to the Microsoft website only. If you were to compare to what most security experts would tell you, in my opinion I think that an automated, un-supervised deployment of security updates is quite dangerous.

There are several things that one has to consider before deciding whether you can trust the health and integrity of your computer or laptop to the vendors delivering security updates and patches in an automated manner. Because you wouldn’t know if the update is corrupt or not? So it is a very good idea to use an update that has ever been used by several people that you know of, because no one wants to be the first to have a broken system. Your computer or laptop does not have to be in a top-notch shape at any given moment. It is alright to miss an update for a few days because that is not a big deal, nothing can happen. If you know you’re running even the most rudimentary firewall, you’re safe from brute-force attacks.

Even if you’re running an anti-virus software, the bi-hourly update would be able to save your skins from the devils of the internet. If you were for example one of those people that usually gets a virus on random day’s then am sure, you may consider changing your security practices rather than tightening the update cycle. There are windows machines that do not need to be activated for months and can still run for several months, working perfectly fine.


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