May 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm (Uncategorized)

As the technology is advancing it seems like computers can do almost everything we used to sit down and think about for ourselves. The funny thing is that no one actually knows if a computer can actually think or if it is connected to something that helps it respond to almost everything that we ask it to do. Seems like no one cares, if a machine can do its job extremely well, nothing matter’s if it really thinks or not? 

The question is how could one tell if a computer really thinks? A certain Turing test, devised in 1950 by the British mathematician and logician Alan Turing who said: Imagine that you’re sitting alone in a room with a teletype machine that is connected at the other end to either a person or a computer. If no amount of questioning or conversation allows you to tell which it is, then you have to concede that a machine can think. But would someone agree with the statement? 

Thinking is too complicated, Even if we someday come to understand all the laws and principles that govern the mind, that doesn’t mean that we can duplicate it. The same goes for computers. Yes, machines can think in principle, but not necessarily in the same way we do. No! This is the most often heard answer, and the most heartfelt. “I am not a machine [goes the argument]. I am me. I am alive. And you’re never going to make a computer say that. Furthermore, the essence of humanity isn’t reason or logic or any of the other things that computers can do: it’s intuition, sensuality, and emotion Show how a computer can think if it does not feel anything, and how it can feel if it knows nothing of love, anguish, exhilaration, loneliness, and all the rest of what it means to be a living human being?” 

Lastly many people actually think arithmetic device’s are the ones which can think while the computer’s are as well capable of other nonnumeric tasks, the essence of a computer is the manipulation of symbols. I wonder if many would agree with me, the question is can computer’s think?


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  1. babycayks said,

    Hey…Frankly I don’t think computers can think and will be a far cry if ever they become capable of thinking!!!My argument is that we are the ones that created these machines and so if we made them we can control them,therefore their “minds” are actually what we programmed them to be.So no computers can not think!

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