should mobile computers and devices be banned from classrooms?

May 11, 2010 at 12:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Firstly in my opinion I think it is a very good idea not to allow the use of mobile computers or any other devices in classrooms. Yes they are several top schools around the world that allow pupils to use their mobile phones in the classroom-prompting uproar from teachers and parents. In some countries mobile phones are banned in classrooms because a number of schools claim that, allowing children to use all the resources on their mobile phones aids makes learning of discrepancy to when youngsters were first allowed to use calculators in the 1970’s.

The reason why I am not in agreement with the question above is because wireless devices in the classroom threaten to distract a student’s attention but also offer opportunities for student engagement. Different methods can be used to reduce in-class distractions, up to mandating no use of wireless devices during class sessions. In order to increase student engagement using wireless devices, faculty employ create options for making wireless devices part of instruction, from cell phones as clickers to laptops for on-the-fly web research. Student can cope without technology as this will assist them to be independent learners at all times using their brains and not looking for knowledge from the computers. By being an independent learner the nation is at advantage of getting good leaders.Do you agree with me or disagree?



  1. farirai said,

    Yes these gagets need need to be banned because they distract classroom affairs !

  2. farirai said,

    But on the other hand ,it is important because of the technology is increasing and improving.

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