All A bout Ticia4eva’a Blog

The main reason for this blog is to be blogging about computer.s and other issue’s about the internet as well.Because many people are not aware about most things when it comes to technology.So several issues will be blogged about on a daily basis.


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  1. ticia4eva said,

    the different components of a computer and how they can help to any individual out there struggling with a computer. The very basics of a computer will be looked at in this blog so that anyone and everyone can be able to use a computer after reading some of the blogs because the blogs the blogs will be very helpful in different ways. I am hoping to achieve several things such as knowing a specific topic that I would like to talk about for the day, knowing the specific audience, learning from others by reading their blogs and commenting, lastly being able to acquire the knowledge learnt from all the blogging and applying it in other cases as wel

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